Product Development & Technical Support

Over our long history, Bakels has been at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions to bakers' problems.

All the manufacturing companies within the Bakels Group have the resources to carry out research and development for their local markets. Nominated centers of excellence take the R&D process further and provide know-how to other companies in the group.

All this extensive R&D is coordinated by the Bakels Research company who also carry out fundamental R&D into products, raw materials and production processes. The close cooperation of local and central R&D ensures that the Bakels group of companies is truly "thinking globally -working locally".

Bakels Philippines' highly qualified R&D Team has long been exposed to local market conditions, advancing their knowledge on the needs of the local baking industry. We are at the forefront of customizing premixes and blends for the baking industry, reinforcing our Group's dominance and leadership in product development and innovation.

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