Bakels recognizes that the ingredients our customers select are critical to their business success. Quality, safety and value are essential, but they are not enough. Consumer tastes and interests are ever-changing and we are committed to a continued programme of innovation to ensure our product range enables our customers to satisfy the needs of consumers in the markets we serve.

We supply customers in every sector of the bakery market. Whether a craft, supermarket or industrial producer, of bread, pastry, cake or confectionery, we can meet all your ingredient needs.

Collectively, the Bakels companies support a range of more than 2,000 products.


  • Bread Improvers, Dough Conditioners, Shelf-life Extenders and Ant-Staling Agents in powder, paste and liquid form
    • Brands include: Dobrim, Lecitem, Lecitex, Lecinta, CSP & Monofresh
  • Meal & Specialty Bread Bases and Concentrates
    • Brands include: Fino
  • Release agents for bread and confectionery applications
    • Brands include: Tinclear, Tincol, Tinglide, Tinwax  & Sprink
  • Instant Active Dry Yeast
  • Cake Emulsifiers and Preservatives
    • Brands include: Ovalett & PreserV
  • Cake Leaveners
    • Brands include: Fino
  • Egg Substitutes
    • Brands include: Balec
  • Cake Premixes
    • Brands include: Pettina & Fino
  • Cake Finishings
    • Brands include: Pettinice
  • Specialty Fillings and Toppings
    • Brands include: Fino & Apito
  • Fruit Fillings and Jams
    • Brands include: Les Fruits, Unifil, Frutojam Gourmet & Pastryfill
  • Glazes for breads, cakes and pastries
    • Brands include: Diamond, Diamond Extra, Saphire
  • Flavoring and Coloring Pastes
    • Brands include: Apito & Brite
  • Truffles Mixes and Compound Chocolates
    • Brands include: Fino & Apito
  • Emulsified Fats, Bakery Margarines, Shortenings and Oil Blends
    • Brands include: Rotitex & Butta

The Bakels philosophy, which links together such an extensive product range, is that all our products must be safe, high quality and of good value.