Bakels Philippines celebrates with FCBAI’s Golden Anniversary

This year, the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc., (FCBAI), celebrated their 50th anniversary of promoting harmony, fair play and cooperation in the baking industry through a whole week of exciting, informative, and enriching series of activities. Last October 10 to 14, 2016, FCBAI members, bakers, home bakers, cake decorators and baking enthusiasts flocked to FCBAI’s Training Center to attend the different demonstrations hosted by some of the members of the said organization. On October 11, the Bakels Team took part in this week-long celebration by hosting a free demo, entitled “Amazing Glazes and Artisan Breads.” Bakels Pastry Chef, Chef Nikki Wilford Ellarma, demonstrated how to make the perfect crusty, moist, chewy and flavorful focaccia using our Fermdor Sourdough mixes. Fermdor is a range of dried sourdough made with natural acids for artisanal style of sour dough breads with a unique character and delicious rustic flavor. The Fermdor range includes Fermdor RE (rye), Fermdor GE (wheat germ) and Fermdor WM (wheat).



Chef Nikki also highlighted the Diamond Glazes when he created a new trend of “doughnuts on cupcakes”. The Diamond Glazes are easy-to-use, shelf-stable glazes with an excellent glossy shine. These are available in different colors and flavors such as red, gold, silver, neutral, dark chocolate and toffee caramel that can be mixed and matched as you desire. 



To cap the week-long celebration, FCBAI continued the activities at the Manila Hotel for the Exhibit and Gala Night. And Bakels is one of the exhibitors present during this event. The Bakels booth looked like a dessert buffet as they presented the different applications of the Diamond Glazes, Les Fruits Fillings, cake premixes and other Bakels products. 






It was also a proud moment for the Bakels Team for the loyalty award given by FCBAI to its allied members. The Bakels Team appreciates this recognition and wishes the best for FCBAI towards their next 50 years and more.





Sweet Indulgence: Bakels Exclusive Baking Demo with Chef Buddy Trinidad


It was another milestone for the Bakels Team to have a celebrity chef, by the name of Chef Buddy Trinidad, to be our demonstrator. Chef Buddy is an award-winning Pastry Chef who has gained his stature from three decades of experience. Half of this time, he has worked for some of the most respected establishments in the US before heading home to the Philippines to continue his passion. In 2000, he opened his dream shop, Park Avenue Desserts in Paseo de Magallanes, that specializes in developing fine pastries and desserts. Aside from managing a dessert shop and conducting classes, Chef Buddy spearheads the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines as its president. The Pastry Alliance of the Philippines is a national network of industry professionals with a goal of uplifting the baking industry in the country[1].

The event was held at the training center of the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. (FCBAI) last October 5, 2016. Around 60 invited participants and 10 lucky Facebook followers, attended the demonstration. Aside from Chef Buddy, Chef Nikki Wilford Ellarma, Bakels Pastry Chef, kicked off the event with his trending doughnuts on cupcakes, glazed with our Diamond Glazes. The different cupcakes made with our cake premixes such as Kiwi Muffin Mix, Fino Chocolate Cake Mix and Red Velvet Cake Mix, were frosted with cheesecake and topped with the glazed doughnuts. Chef Nikki made the cheesecake frosting by simply adding water to our Pettina Classic Cheesecake Mix. 

   fcbai1               fcbai2

Chef Buddy gladly accepted our invitation to be our demonstrator because he also uses the same products in his own shop. Hence, demonstrating how to use the Bakels products is just a piece of cake for our celebrity chef. He highlighted our cake premixes, fruit fillings, glazes, and cake finishings. For instance, he used the Bakels Muffin Mix to make blueberry crunch muffin and kiwi strawberry muffin.  While he used the Pettina Sponge Mix Complete and Pettina Chocolate Sponge Mix Complete for the base of the cakes and placed Les Fruits Dark Cherry as filling. He also introduced the Bakels Whipping Cream, which is now available in 1 kg packaging, to cover and decorate the cakes.  

fcbaaaa                     fcabai5

In this occasion, the attendees were privileged to have a sneak peek on our exciting line of premium chocolates that will be launched soon. Chef Buddy used the three variants of our indulgent chocolates; dark, milk and white, in decorating the cakes and tarts. 


It was truly a fun-filled day of sweet indulgence and everyone is looking forward with anticipation to the next demo with Chef Buddy. 



A strategic planning was conducted by the Leadership Team (LT) and Extended Leadership Team (ELT) of Bakels Philippines, Inc. at Estancia Resort Hotel in Tagaytay City last August 11-12, 2016. In this activity, a review of the current practices and plans for increasing sales through improved practices and guidelines were discussed.


Day 1 of the planning was devoted to the review of the practices and roles of each department namely, Sales and Marketing Department, Product Development and Technical Services Department, and Finance, Supply Chain and Administration Department. It provided a great deal of understanding among the attendees to see these matters in black and white and allowed them to see each department in a different light. The review also allowed a glimpse of the situations that are happening in the bakery industry right now and where Bakels Philippines stands at the moment.


Day 2 was spent mapping out the direction that Bakels Philippines would take. Each department gave its commitment on doing its share in order to put the company ahead of the track. In every slide and worksheet presented, the LT and ELT made their promises concrete. At the end of the day, the Bakels Philippines group shared only one mission – to be a highly respected supplier to the baking, pastry cooking, confectionery, hospitality, and catering industries of specialized products that are safe, of high quality, and of good value consistent with the global philosophy of all companies associated with the Bakels Group.



As the Bakels Philippines Team gears towards the second half of the year, it is a good time to review and reflect on the achievements, challenges, and commitments of the first six months of 2016. For the very first time, a Mid-Year Business Review, an initiative of newly appointed General Manager, Mr. Jayryl Ilagan, was conducted and attended by the whole team. The project was spearheaded by Mr. Ilagan, as he oriented the company towards the fulfilment of its missions.

The 2-day event was held at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong City last July 15 to July 16, 2016. It proved to be a great opportunity to review the progress of each team member and, at the same time, to motivate them through their challenges. The Technical Sales Representatives showcased individual presentations on their sales performance, shared their achievements, presented new ideas, and delivered their strategic plan for the remainder of the year. The gathering was also an avenue for the whole Sales team to enhance their skills through a Sales Management System session with the coaches from Bauer and Beyond Consultancy

             375 X 238 -DAY 1  375 X 238- DAY 2


The Finance and Administration staff were also given a chance to present their new plans for the improvement of the supply chain and management systems of the company, while the R&D team highlighted the new products and applications to be launched by the end of the year. In addition, the R&D team also announced their new department name as Product Development & Technical Services Department.

Bakels Philippines’ first Mid-Year Business Review was a sure success because of the cooperation of the whole team—from the TSRs, the R&D team, the administrative staff, and the managers. Everyone committed to achieve the set goals for 2016 and roared that they will strive “Nonstop to the Top!”


The 2nd week of March 2016 will be etched as a very memorable week in the history of Bakels Philippines Inc. as all employees had a grand time at Fairways & Bluewater, New Coast, Boracay Island, where the Company’s 12th Annual Conference was held from March 10 -12. It was a well-deserved climax to the Company’s successful campaign in 2015 which yielded landmark results worthy of a conference venue no less than Boracay, a long cherished prize coveted by a team which not only knows how to dream but most importantly to deliver excellent results. It was also a very fitting send off to Mr. Bobbi Quillamor, who will relinquish his current role in the Company by around mid-year and a grand welcome to Mr. Jay Ilagan who has been appointed as the new General Manager to spearhead the next phase of business development. Mr. Henry Hawkins, an EXCOM Member and Business Development Director for Asia Pacific represented EMU AG during the Conference and will be actively supporting Bakels Philippines in such role. EMU AG is the controlling company of the Bakels Group of Companies.


As the Company is poised to embark on an even faster business growth henceforth and to assert its leadership in the industry, it has chosen “LEVEL UP AND DOMINATE” as a most appropriate conference theme to serve as its battle cry for the year.  Focusing on such theme, every member of the organization presented his game plan on how to level up and dominate in his assigned area or role in the Company. A range of exciting new products such as sourdough mixes from Nutribake, cake emulsifiers and shelf-life extenders from Aromatic and mousse mixes from BEU were presented by R&D all of which will be launched during the year.

An exciting event in every conference of Bakels Philippines is the Recipe Challenge which this year was hotly contested by all the regional teams which participated, not much for the prizes at stake but more for the bragging rights during the entire year as to who has the best bread recipe and the best cake recipe showcasing Bakels products.  Team KAGMA won the bread category with their sinfully delicious Cinnamon Roll Supreme recipe while Team Visayas won the cake category with their very innovative and tasteful Spicy Ginger Lemon Cheesecake.

This year’s conference also showcased a myriad of emotions. It was invigorating to outdo other teams in the Recipe Challenge; it was a very proud moment for the achievers to be recognized in front of their peers; it was an extremely touching moment for the employees to give tribute to a retiring colleague; a great sense of anticipation on what the new General Manager will bring into the table and where he will lead the Company in the years ahead; and finally a bubbling rush of excitement for what is in store for everybody in 2016 and beyond.

This year’s conference is without doubt the best ever in terms of fun, excitement and emotions.        





Bakels Philippines joined the 8th biennial Bakery Fair held at Manila’s World Trade Center from 30 January to 1 February 2015. The 3-day exhibition organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc., showcased latest trends and innovations in the baking industry. It attracted about 200 exhibitors composed of the country’s leading suppliers of bakery ingredients and equipment as well as 10 foreign exhibitors and over 10 thousand visitors coming from a broad spectrum of the exhibitors’ target audience. Several delegates from member countries of the IFCBCA (International Federation of Chinese Bakery & Confectionery Association) like Vietnam, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore were also present.  

agaibnThe applications of a broad range of fruit fillings and glazes from Bakbel Europe as well as other Bakels products were presented at Center Stage by Master Chef Fritz Mayer, Director of Bakels Thailand and Business Development Manager of Bakbel for Asia Pacific, as he featured 3 famous European pastries namely Delice Coupe du Monde, Passion Fruit Dream and Cherry Vanilla Panna Cotta to the delight of a very enthusiastic audience. 

two one three

The visit to the 8th Bakery Fair of Bakels Group Chairman Armin Ulrich, New Zealand Bakels and Bakels Philippines Chairman Duncan P. Loney as well as EMU AG Director Urs Victor Hecht made the 8th Bakery Fair a very memorable event for Bakels’ local staff and its stand crew.




The Company’s annual national sales conference was held at Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club in Morong, Bataan, last March. The teams from KAGMA, Luzon, VisMin and R&D along with the Company’s Officers led by its Chairman, Mr. Duncan P. Loney, were all present to take part in the event which rallied around this year’s  theme  “In Pursuit of Excellence”. 

Mr. Loney was particularly pleased when he remarked during the Conference that “for a company which started in the Philippines just about 10 years ago, it has developed in so short a time into a very formidable supplier of bakery ingredients to the Philippine baking industry. This year’s Conference made me realize how far Bakels Philippines have grown and I feel privileged when I see our team’s enthusiasm and passion to help build the industry and push our Company to the next level.”  

With new releases of products and very strong commitment towards improving systems and processes, coupled  by every team member’s enthusiasm which was thoroughly renewed during the Conference , Bakels Philippines, Inc. is now totally geared towards generating record sales this season.


True to the Bakels commitment of providing highly specialized technical service to its customers, members of the Bakels Philippines, Inc. Sales Team and R&D Team trooped to one of the largest malls in the country, SM Megamall, last May 26, 2011.

It was the opening of the second branch of SM Supermarket in the mall. Although the public was only given access in the afternoon, the executives, suppliers and guests were treated to an earlier peek at the showcase of new and existing items in the supermarket.  Another highlight of the event was the product demonstrations held at various stations within the venue. Guests, composed of the executives, food critics and food bloggers, along with some members of the media, attentively gathered around the booths to witness the demos conducted by key people in the food industry. Among these demonstrators were the members of Bakels Philippines.

The line of healthy bread bases was highlighted during the demo. Healthy indulgence was the key thrust emphasized by Bakels Philippines upon demonstrating the three recipes including low GI multiseed bread, banana multiseed bread, and wheaten chocolate bread. The concept of low GI as well as the benefits of the low GI diet was explained during the demo. The health contributions of the various seeds and grains in the bread bases were also discussed. Together with the fliers containing information about the low GI diet and its benefits, samples of the baked products were also distributed so that the guests could fully appreciate what healthy indulgence was all about.

The bakery section was strategically located in one of the entrances. Since baking was to be done daily at the store, the aroma of freshly baked bread would definitely entice the customers to check out the new and exciting goods offered by the bakery.


entranceOver 12000 industry players and baking enthusiasts trooped to Manila's World Trade Center from February 18-20, 2011 as the 6th biennial Bakery Fair was staged to highlight the latest trends and innovations in the baking industry.

Bakels Philippines, Inc. showcased the applications of a broad range of products from Bakbel Europe. Les Fruits Fruit fillings, Pastryfill, Frutojam Gourmet as well as Diamond and Saphire Glazes were used in various recipes of cakes & muffins, breads & pastries and displayed around its 90 square meter stand strategically located in front of one of the main entrances of the exhibition hall. 

  Bakbel Europe's Export Manager Yves Keyaerts   supported the local Bakels Team during the show.  Drawing even more attention was the 3-hour Product Presentation and Demonstration on Fruitful Ideas  and  Sparkling  Designs for Cakes & Pastries conducted by local Chefs James  Antolin and Clyden  San Pedro from the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines, that focused on various applications, versatility and quality of Bakbel products alongside other Bakels products. The attentive audience savoured baked samples prepared to pleasure their palates and appreciate the various Bakels ingredients used.

demo 2

In tandem with Bakbel's products, Bakels Philippines showcased an array of its recently-launched and best-selling products as applied on an assortment of baked goods that elicited compliments from the excited visitors at the stand who keenly inquired about the Bakels products. Product demonstrations were conducted at the Bakels Stand for the entire duration of the Bakery Fair.

The country's pioneering exposition showcased the leading bakery ingredients and equipment suppliers in the country and was aimed to promote, support and strengthen the country's baking industry.  Held biennially, the much-anticipated Bakery Exhibition was organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc and was supported by the country's biggest names in the baking industry.

breads 2 breads BPI Group


Bakels Philippines, Inc. showed its full support for the 6th Bakery Fair as it inked a contract confirming the company's participation in the International Exhibition on Bakery, Confectionery and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.

Organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc (FCBAI), the biennial event will take place on February 18 - 20, 2011 at the World Trade Center.  Bakels will be one of the more than 160 exhibitors  joining the trade exhibition showcasing the key players and major suppliers of the local baking industry. Trade visitors this year are expected to reach at least 30,000 in what has been recognized as the country's highest-profile bakery show.

Bakery Fair 2011  Contract Signing

Bakels, which has joined the event since its maiden year, is set to highlight its complete assortment of products during the event with its massive bread and cake displays. It will also feature the latest line-up of Fruit Fillings, Fruit Jams and Glazes, as well as Healthy Bread Ingredients. On-site live demonstrations will be presented everyday at intervals, with Chef Clyden San Pedro.

A 2-hour seminar on Fruitful Ideas and Sparkling Designs for your Cakes & Pastries will be held at the Lobby Area Seminar Room of the World Trade Center which will awaken the audience's senses with delectable dessert ideas using Bakels products.  The seminar will be headlined by Mr. Yves Keyaerts, Export Manager of Bakels Europe, together with Chef James Antolin, Vice President of the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines and Chef Clyden San Pedro.

Visit the Bakels stand (#278) right   at the front entrance of the exhibition all from 10 am to 7pm.


(And Eat It Too, Yum!)

By Ron Racela

coffee buns

Waking up to the smell of coffee is one of life's greatest pleasures. Just the aroma alone can almost give you that morning pick-me-up that you get from the caffeine rush in a steaming cup of brewed coffee.  But what if you can get the same sensations from a tray of freshly-baked bread? That is what coffee roti bun is all about, and more!

Coffee roti bun has just been in the market here in the Philippines not too long ago.  But the increasing number of fans of this bread can attest to the unique eating experience one can derive from sinking one's teeth into one of these.   Not unlike a Mexican sweet bun, the coffee roti bun has three components:  the sweet dough, the filling and the topping.  The sweet dough of coffee roti bun is especially airy.  The filling could be just plain sweetened butter or the more popular kaya filling, a spread made from eggs, coconut and sugar, and is like a cross between our local yema and matamis na bao.  The coffee-flavored topping is crisp and crunchy especially moments after it comes out of the oven, when it is at its best.

Coffee roti bun goes well with, well, a cup of coffee.  But is especially good with sweetened coffee or tea using condensed milk just like the way they serve in Asian coffee houses.  For breakfast, a poached egg or two will provide the bun a savory accompaniment.


(For a complete list of ingredients and procedures on how to make your Coffee Roti Bun, grab a copy of  Cook Magazine , July 2007 issue or visit their website at

Reprinted with permission from Cook Magazine (p.50), July 2007 issue

Bakels Philippines Bags Marketing Excellence Award

pmea sealBakels Philippines was recognized as the MOST OUTSTANDING BAKERY INGREDIENTS MANUFACTURER (National Awardee)  by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards Institute, the Asian Institute of Marketing and Entrepreneurship and the Sales and Marketing Magazine.

Earning the "seal of approval" from consumers and marketing executives, Bakels was acknowledged for 'best marketing practices, leading to market dominance, goodwill, high-level customer confidence and market acceptability' by the Awards Committee.

Bakels emerged as the top choice in its category in one of the most complete and thorough marketing performance audit conducted through market research and surveys and focus group discussions among consumers and marketing executives. Some of the marketing metrics used in the selection method were market dominance, market awareness, innovative marketing practices, product/service quality, value pricing, customer confidence and overall market acceptability, among others.

Bakels now joins the list of leading organizations in the Official List of Philippine Marketing Excellence Awardees in the Sales & Marketing Magazine.